Top 10 Things that Make High School Worse Than Middle School

1More stress

2High school's not about what you want to learn, it's about what the state wants you to learn

3More drama

4More frustrating

5Trying to keep your grades up is difficult and tedious

6The amount of peer pressure is increased in high school and is generally worse

7Exams that make you want to tear your hair out

8Idiots everywhere

9The school double downs on you about college

10Hypocritical teachers that are annoying as hell


12More homework

13More Bullying

14Trying to pass required testing regardless if it's online or not

15Grades actually matter

16The fact that your parents lie about High School being better

17Everyone cares about what you wear or do

18Group projects that half the time no one does anything during the whole project

19Cornell notes

20Drugs are everywhere

21They don't teach you anything that is useful in the real world

22If you miss a day, you get hours of work to catch up on

23Trying to get enough credits to graduate

24The PSAT

25Too different from dramas and movies

26Tardies and detentions are a lot worse

27Teachers care less about the students