Top 10 Reasons Why Nerds are Better Than Jocks

1Nerds grow up and get great jobs and have the jocks work for them

2Nerds are smarter

3Never pick muscles over brains which means never pick jock over nerd

4Nerds are better friends

5Nerds don't bully

6Jocks always brag about becoming professional athletes

7Nerds grow up to have better jobs

8Jocks mostly die first in horror movies

9Jocks are rude when nerds are nice

10Most jocks are losers when they grow up

11Jocks do nothing but work out and bully people

12Nerds could help you with your homework

13Nerds can be better friends

14Nerds are better kissers

15Nerds get better grades at school

16Jocks are easily scammed by con artists

17Most jocks are players

18Jocks always brag on how big and strong they are

19Nerds are authentic and jocks are shallow

20Nerds have better friends