Top 10 Reasons to Not Commit Suicide

1People will think you deserved to die because you killed yourself

2Suicide does not take away the pain, it gives it to someone else

3You only have one life

4Somebody might need you

5You'll miss out on all the great, positive things about life

6It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem

7You will go to hell

8It will affect the lives of others

9You're never going to get to do what you've always wanted to do

10You will break your parents' hearts

11You won't go to heaven

12People will miss you

13Somebody will always love you

14The bad people will win

15You're not the only one who has a difficult or depressing life

16Suicide is not always effective

17Funeral costs

18The good in the world will always outweigh the bad, even if it seems like the opposite

19They were born for a reason

20It's not worth it

21Everybody matters

22Your life is valuable

23Everyone is special In their own ways, so are you

24You're never get to grow up

25Not everyone is mean

26No one deserves to die

27Everyone has flaws and no one is perfect

28You have too much to live for

29You'll never meet that special someone

30You need to try again

31You won't be loved after you've killed yourself

32It doesn't stop life getting worse, it eliminates the chance of it getting better

33You are loved

34Run away from everything

35There are better solutions