Top 10 Reasons Not to Date a Promiscuous Person

1They're disloyal and would probably cheat on you.

2All they care about is sex.

3They're extremely judgmental.

4The relationship would be mostly, if not entirely, conditional.

5They pretend to know everything about sex, when they really know almost nothing.

6They're superficial.

7They aren't that attractive.

8They expect you to care for them, when they don't care about you.

9If they reject you, they make it everyone's business.

10They're more likely to give you an STD.

11You'll lose the respect of people that know them and how they are.

12Doesn't feel special to be with them because they'd be with just about anyone that would take them.

13Lack self-respect and dignity

14They're embarrassing to be seen with

15They lack strength of character

16They have no honour

17They flirt with everybody

18You might develop feelings for them