Top 10 Most Ridiculous Instances of U.S. Conservative Outrage in 2023

1Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis Tweets video claiming "LAX is installing urinals in the women's bathrooms"

2Conservative influencer Nick Adams says "We must BOYCOTT M&M's until the alpha male M&M's get their own exclusive package" and "This is no laughing matter, it's a legitimate crisis"

3Ted Cruz and others accuse Microsoft of going woke because of the Xbox Energy Saving Mode

4Tucker Carlson takes the bait and again rants about "Woke M&M's" on the January 11th episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight

5Conservatives including Nick Adams and Robby Starbuck falsely claim a silly pregnant Joker storyline is some kind of SJW commentary on transgenderism

6Conservatives criticize Biden for following the Pentagon's recommendations for dealing with the Chinese spy balloon despite there being multiple such balloons during Trump's presidency

7Fox News, Charlie Kirk, and other conservative outlets falsely claim a Harvard Medical School class teaching about intersex babies is instead about "transgender infants"

8Republican lawmakers accuse DirecTV of an "assault on free speech" for not renewing Newsmax despite the decision being based on Newsmax's money demands

9Marjorie Taylor Greene absurdly claims again that an elementary school in Illinois received $5.1 billion to implement "equity and diversity" (read Critical Race Training) into its curriculum

10Conservatives slam trailer for Disney's Peter Pan & Wendy remake for having girls among the Lost Boys and having a black Tinkerbell

11The New York Post accuses Canada of "cancelling booze" after the CCSA publishes a study on the factual health risks of drinking

12The New York Post accuses Canada of "coming for your coffee" after research from the University of Toronto finds health risk to people who are slow metabolizers of caffeine

13MTG and other politicians blast Biden for visiting Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on Presidents' Day

14Ted Cruz, MTG, Matt Walsh and others call Sam Smith's Grammy's performance "evil", "a satanic ritual", and "demonic"

15Tucker Carlson and guest Jesse Kelly rant on Chelsea Handler's childless woman sketch, state that woman cannot be happy without having children

16Fox News airs segment complaining about Lego going "woke" for adding characters to its friends line that are more relatable to people with Down Syndrome, anxiety, and missing limbs

17Conservatives boycott Bud Light over an advertising collaboration with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney

18Don Jr., MTG, Boebert, and others criticize Biden for fencing around Capitol for the State of the Union address despite Biden having no role in its construction

19The New York Post publishes an article slamming a parody Twitter account with only 1K followers for Tweeting that Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" perpetuates anti-trans stereotypes

20Grant Stinchfield rants about Rihanna's Super Bowl halftime performance claiming it played out exactly like "the Bible when Satan fell from heaven"

21Conservatives get all worked up over a three year old incarnation some guy made of the Progress Pride flag with sex worker representation that nobody uses or cares about

22Utah Senator Mike Lee vows to never eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream again after company Tweets in support of returning sacred land to Native Americans

23Fox host Larry Kudlow rages at Biden for wanting to force Americans to stop eating meat and to drink "plant-based beer"

24Ted Cruz accuses the Barbie movie of promoting Chinese propaganda in a "child-like crayon drawing" of a map

25Fox News describes transgender runner as "runner who beat 14,000 women at London Marathon" in headline despite her placing 6,159 among all women

26Marjorie Taylor Green, Jenna Ellis, and others rage at sarcastic "we're coming for your children" pride chant