Top 10 Most Pointless Rules in School

1Uniforms required

Uniforms required

2No bathroom breaks

No bathroom breaks

3No self-defence against bullies

No self-defence against bullies

4If the student doesn't have enough lunch money in their accounts, the school has the right to deny them food

If the student doesn

5No eating in class

No eating in class

6No hats or beanies

No hats or beanies

7Do homework

Do homework

8No talking

No talking

9No electronics

No electronics

10Must take P.E.

Must take P.E.

11No chewing gum

No chewing gum

12No "unnatural" hair colors

No "unnatural" hair colors

13Not allowed to choose own seats

14Must participate in plays

15Keep your hands to yourself

16Shorts and leggings must be arm length

17Not allowed to choose the song in a play

18No throwing snowballs

19No groups of friends over 5

20Must wear black shoes

21No hard balls

22No crazy hair

23No long hair

24Only water in water bottles

25No couples

No couples

26No crop tops or midriff baring clothing

No crop tops or midriff baring clothing

27No flip flops

No flip flops

28You have to let anyone in your club

29Freedom of speech is limited

30No running

No running

31No jackets allowed

32No hoodies

33No fidget spinners

34No knives

35Must go outside at lunch