Top 10 Most Dangerous Warriors or Armies of All Time

1Israeli Commando (Sayeret Matkal)

2The Roman Legionaries

3Mongol Empire Army

4The Spartans

5The Vikings

6Russian Spetsnaz

7Templar Knights and Crusaders

8German Empire Army

9U.S. Navy Seal

10The Sikhs

11British SAS

12Gorkha Regiment

13Ancient Samurai

14Persian Immortal

15Nazi SS

16The Ancient Macedonian Army

17Turkish Special Forces Bordo Bereliler

18U.S. Army Rangers

19Marine Raiders/MARSOC

20Zulu Nation

21U.S. Marine Corp

22Soviet Red Army


24The Ninjas

25The Anzacs

26Viet Cong

27The Janissaries

28Comanche Indian

29Goguryeo Army

30The Greek Army

31Ancient Turko-Mongolian Steppe Warriors


33Germanic Tribes

34The Chola Army