Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Kids

1They Throw Tantrums

2They Scream

3They Talk Back

4They Always Want Attention

5They Bother You While You're Trying to Do Things

6They're Disrespectful

7They Make a Mess

8They are Stupid

9They're Ungrateful

10They Ask Too Many Questions

11They Get Smart with You

12They're Bullies

13They Cuss

14They Grow Up

15They Think Money Grows on Trees

16They Get Into Fights with Their Siblings

17They Play Kids Video Games

18They are Selfish

19They Like Dumb Things

20They Exist

21They are Immature

22They Treat Your Car Like a Trash Can

23They Bite

24They are Snitches

25They Have No Problem Breaking Your Stuff

26They Cry Too Loudly

27They Steal

28They Apparently Make Noise at a Decible Inaudible to Their Parents

29They Don't Always Turn Out the Way You Want Them To

30They are Mean

31They Tell Mean Jokes

32They Touch You

33They Watch Kids Shows

They Watch Kids Shows

34They Disrespect Other People's Taste

35They Always Look at Things Negatively