Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Grown Ups (According to Teens)

1They think they're always right

2They expect respect but they don't respect you

3They say negative things about your friends without ever meeting them

4They try to act cool and young

5They never let you explain yourself

6They're always complaining

7They can't keep up with technology

They can

8They belittle your beliefs because "it's not the way we raised you"

9They use Facebook

They use Facebook

10They say rated R movies are not appropriate for kids or even teenagers

11They say "when I was your age..."

12They insist on watching crappy movies

13They talk about personal matters concerning you in front of others

14They treat you like a little person

15They think all of your opinions and beliefs are wrong

16They never, and I mean never, stop talking

17They think every song you like is bad

18They judge you based on your age

19They think they're superior because they do a certain job

20They always have to know what you're doing

21They are hypocrites

22They think you think you know everything

23They don't let you explain when you say something and they get the wrong idea

24They shout at you for breaking a glass but when they do they're like, ''oh we all make mistakes''

25They compare the past to the present

26They jump to conclusions

27They tell you not to do something, but do it all the time.

28They say everything they don't like is "for kids"

They say everything they don

29They think anything under an A is an F

30They take your stuff

They take your stuff

31They are just plain creepy

32They tell the worst jokes

33They say "you don't get the last word in, I do"

34They repeat their instructions needlessly

35They drink alcohol

They drink alcohol