Top 10 Hardest Things About Having a Crush

1Getting rejected

Getting rejected

2Attracting every boy or girl except for the one you like

3Getting friend-zoned



5Accepting that they don't like you

6Being jealous

7Being too afraid to talk

8Seeing your crush "having a thing" with a bully

9Breaking up

10Getting their attention without making a complete fool of yourself

11Knowing it probably won't last

12Moving schools

13Having them leave

14Keeping it a secret

15Being harassed over it

16Seeing your crush with one of your friends

17Thinking they like you and then you see them with another person

18Barely knowing them

19Feeling weird when you see them

20Finding out they're taken

21Making it less obvious that you have a crush

22Asking them out

23Getting confused

24Your crush's friend not liking you

25Them not giving you a second chance

26Trusting your friends about it

27Having to give your crush space

28Debating if you should text them first

29Confessing your love

30Them being friends with someone you don't like

31Them sending mixed messages

32Them not knowing you exist

33Getting nervous when they show signs of liking you

34Being pressured to act on it

35Not being friends anymore