Top 10 Best Things to Do On Christmas Eve

1Spend Time With Loved Ones

2Watch a Christmas TV Show or Movie

3Give Gifts to Your Loved Ones

4Have Christmas Dinner

5Listen to Christmas Music

6Remember to Put Christ In Christmas

7Track Santa

8Open One Gift

9Drive or Walk Around Looking at Christmas Lights

10Bake Cookies

11Go to Church

12Leave Sweets Out for Santa

13Sing Christmas Carols

14Go Out On a Drive to See Christmas Lights

15Watch Movies

16Drink Hot Chocolate

17Make Cookies

18Scream "Happy Birthday Louis Tomlinson!"

19Make a Gingerbread House

20Go to Bed Early

21Turn On Your Christmas Lights

22Open a New Pair of PJs and Go to Bed in Them

23Eat Finger Food

24Snuggle Up by the Fire With Cozy Slippers and a Blanket

25Run Around Being Excited

26Help Those Who Don't Have Much

27Make Hot Cocoa

28Play Outside In the Snow

29Set Your Alarm When You Go to Bed

30Dance Around the Tree

31Take Pictures of Your Christmas Star, Tree and Other Decorations

32Open Presents

33Drink Egg Nog

34Stay Up All Night

35Tell Christmas Stories