Top 10 Best Kinds of School Teachers

1Nice Teachers

Nice Teachers

2Funny Teachers

3Hot Teachers

4Young Teachers

5Teachers that Don't Give a Lot of Homework

6Teachers that Let You Eat in Class

7Good Teachers

8Teachers with ADHD

9Teachers that are Always Willing to Help You

10Teachers that Don't Care If You Curse

11Teachers that Don't Give a Lot of Tests

12Teachers that Don't Give Punish Work

13Sexy Teachers

14Pretty Teachers

15Teachers that Let You Work to Your Potential

16Teachers that Treat Everyone Equally

17Teachers Who Wear Skinny Jeans/Leggings and Boots

18Teachers that are Fun

19Positive Teachers

20Teachers that are Very Sarcastic

21Teachers that Don't Give Homework on Fridays

22Teachers that Don't Let You Be Bored

23Teachers that Make Things We Learn Tolerable

24Strict Teachers

25Teachers that Tolerate Dancing in Class

26Teachers that Show Movies in Class

27Teachers that Want You to Succeed

28Teachers That Don't Treat You Like a Baby

29Teachers that Don't Notice Some Things that are Going On

30Interesting Teachers

31Teachers that Like You the Most

32Calm Teachers

33Teachers that Don't Care If You Sleep in Class

34Teachers Who Give You Presents and Gifts

35Teachers that are Late